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Lakshadweep which is meant to be tiniest Union territory of India consisting 12 atolls, 36 islands, 5 banks, 3 reefs along with the 32 sq.kms of area. With the exclusive economic zone which is in 4,00, 000 sq. kms, it has inhabited 10 islands named as Agatti, Andrott, Amini, Chetlat, Bitra, Kadmat, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Kiltan and Minicoy. Kavaratti is kept as Administrative Headquarters for this Union Territory. The place has been restricted and one needs to get permission to visit it from administration.

Specialties of Lakshadweep: -

Points of interest: - Kadmat Island (Cardamom island), Kavaratti Island (Administrative Capital of Lakshadweep), Kalpeni Island (Amazing beaches), Bangaram Atoll (A Place to stay), Minicoy Island (Ancient Capital of Lakshadweep), Agatti Island (Airport) etc…

Daman and Diu


Influences of Keraites will be seen here as this place is influenced by Kerala where most of the peoples are Islamic. Taste of the Islamic foods and along with tribal dance will surely attract you. The vey known dance forms of the place are named as Opana, Lava danc, Parichakali dance, and Kolkali dance.


There is not any theory behind formation of the atolls those are designed in coral manner. The basic theory was proposed by English Evolutionist Sir Charles Darwin. He has exposed the concept of formation of in 1984 as a volcanic island which was fringing as reef. When the volcanic island was properly submerged which was further formed as encircling the lagoon that was the actual action of the wind, waves, reef to currents, temperature, and, much more including the coral islands that form the actual geography of the place.

It can be accessed by Air, sea, and South-west coast. The distance of the place from Malabar Coast is 200-400 Kms. The temperature of the place lies between 32oC (Max.) to 28oC (Min.)


Lower house of the parliament constituted the Lok Shaba Territory for the Union Territory named as Lakshdweep where seats are reserved for SC (Scheduled Tribes). In year 1967, the first election has been taken place there. The latest election which was held in year 2014, Mohammed Faizal P. P. from Indian Congress party was appointed as current M.P. Earlier; this post was captured by Muhammed Hamdulla Sayeed, the son of Mr. Sayeed.


It’s a non-industrial area where only very small businesses are settled. However, the production of Coconut husk as raw material to be used as cottage construction material comes in main Industries in Lakshadweep. Coir Yawn is another production which is added into economy. Fiber production is also added into mainstream of the economy. Handicraft is another section that helps to earn more and for the same approximately industries are settled.

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