Nai Sarak (New Road) A Hub of Books in Delhi

Nai Sarak meaning New Street or Raod is a linking road, which connects to Chandni Chowk road to Chawri Bazar and the road is known as hub of books. Nai Sarak is the biggest wholesale and Retail market of Textbook in Delhi. The road is called Nai Sarak because of new and broad road was made by British after the war of 1857.

The Nai Sarak is linked with double storey building by 20th century architecture and all lowers storey of building have shops, which are particular for Books. You can purchase all type of book such as children book to medical book or note book in many language. You will be found some specialize in stationery store, they sell one Papers which is mostly used in offices. As we know that Book are ocean of Knowladge.

Nai Sarak

As all knows that Nai sarak if famous for Books but may be you never know that there are some wholesale saris shop also available for pure cotton, silk and embroidered etc. lots of varieties available there.

Way to Reach in Nai Sarak Market

If you are going to Nai sarak book market by Chandni Chowk road then turn left after Parantha Vali Gali which is just before the katra Nawab Gali or if you are coming from Jama Masjid way then take right turn from Chawri Bazar. The market opens every day except Sunday.

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