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This is the place which was formed as colony after independence and it is connected with Goa. In the year of 1961, Daman and Diu was became the crucial part of India. And when Goa found statehood then, the place was separately announced Union Territory! Mumbai is 193 Km far from Daman which keeps the eastern area as Gujarat as well as western corner is connected with Arabian Sea, moreover in the north it is covered by Kolak River and its southern area is covered by Kalai river. Valsad is connected to Daman as neighboring district. At the other end, when you will talk about Diu then, it gets connected by two bridges having neighbor Junagadh comes within Gujarat.

Specialties of Daman And Diu: -

Points of interest: - Mirasol Lake Garden (Daman), Cathedral of Bom Jesu (daman), Mirasol Water Park (Daman), Jampore Beach (Daman), Nani Daman (Daman), Ghoghla Beach (Diu), Somnath Mahadev Temple (Daman), Kadaiya Lake Garden (Daman), Governer's Palace, Panikota Fort (Daman), St Jerome Fort (Daman), Jetty Garden (Daman), Devka Amusement Park, Devka Beach (Daman), Daman and Dev (Daman) etc…

Daman and Diu


When it comes to culture then as stated earlier the place is surrounded by Gujarat and Mumbai so, culture of both places will be seen here. People talk in English, Marathi, and Gujarati as well.


The union territory of Daman and Diu constitutes 112 sq. km of area. Daman is the capital of this territory. 2,43,000 is the overall population of the area according to survey of year 2011. Male and female ratio is 52:48. The languages those are basically used by people here are Gujarati, Marathi and English.


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is working as whole sole of the place named as Daman and Diu which is second smallest Union Territory of India. Last three times, only Bhartiya Janata party is there to be settled down. The leadership of Lalubhai Patel is running these days. But, the sign to come back Congress is also there.


Agriculture, Irrigation, Industry, power and much more is there due to which Daman and Diu is earning economical growth. Ragi, groundnut, bajra, jowar, pulses, beans, sapota, mango, wheat, banana, sugarcane, chickoo, coconut and much more comes under list of products has been harvested. Power production is also a way to earn economy here. Tourism and aviation are two other factors those are helping to get good economical condition. Some amount of money also comes from tourist centers like “Our Lady of Remedios Church”, “Forts of Moti Daman and Nani Daman”, “Jampore and Devka Beaches”, “Public Garden and Moti Daman Jetty”, “Pargola Garden”, “Moti Daman”, etc.

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