What Is Important To Know About Chandigarh?

The dream city of our late and first Prime Minister is Chandigarh which was properly and amazingly planned by a renowned French architect. A well known Chandi mandir is the cause of getting name of the city. The historic past of the city includes aquatic as well as amphibian concept. It is not only the capital of eastern Punjab and Haryana but also it was the shelter of refugees who came from West Punjab.

Specialties of Chandigarh: -

Chandigarh is One of The Best Cities in India As Well As It's Counted In 5 Most Well Planned Cities in The World.

Points of interest: - Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden of Chandigarh, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Government Museum and art Gallery, chattBir Zoo, Punjab Cricket Association stadium, Golf Club, Tower of Shadows etc.

Beautiful Spots in Chandigarh»

Market: - Shastri Market, Sector 22 Market, Sector 17 Market etc.



Mix traditions of various cultures and religion (Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam) will be seen here. Temples, shrines, mosques, bhawans and other holy buildings are there. The languages used by individuals in Chandigarh are Punjabi and Hindi. Open and conservative mind people are there according to their background. The fusion of culture for this city attracts all.


The foothills of Shivalik hill where territory of Chandigarh covered up comes under fragile Himalayan ecosystem. The formation of this land includes boulders, gravel, sit, sand, clays and other materials like kankar. The east part is connected to Sukhna Choe and western part is connected to Patiala-Ki-Rao Choe. The central part of the land is surfaced with two layers. “The City Beautiful” has its own pace in Indian Territory. The city has been settled within 114 sq kms having longitude 760 47' 14E and Latitude 300 44' 14N. The monsoon comes in the city in the cycle of July –September. Temperature of the city will be between 270C-440C.


While Punjab was undivided from other regions those are not connected today, it has larger administrative framework. At the time of division when, Punjab and Haryana both were asking for separation along with demand of separate capital, the city became Union Territory and it was year 1966. From that time, according to provision act now Chandigarh is known as Union Territory of Chandigarh.

In the year 1984, Governor of state has taken command in their hands as he was re-designated as Administration head of Punjab. However, the other post was added into political culture was “Adviser to the Administrator" and it was replacement of "Chief Commissioner". From that time, Punjab Governor has been working with the same tag till now.


Agricultural, traditional, animal husbandry, fishery, and much more industries are there through which here people are getting bread and butter. Often, Chandigarh is called as “Pensioner’s Paradise” due to being Union Territory for both states Punjab and Haryana. Various industries are there where production and marketing is running.

Major industries where economy of the City becomes strong is basic chemicals, paper, alloys, machinery, basic metals, transport equipments, metal products and much more is there. IT and tourism are also two important sectors from where good amount of earning will be reverted.

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