Ross Island

Ross Island is a beautiful island situated in Andaman Island and lies 3 kilometers East from Port Blair. The Island was the capital of most of Islands till 1858 to 1941 and is the part of Indian Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar. From The Marine Park at Port Blair, one can see the Ross Island. By using Regular ferries you can reach on the Island within few minutes which is connected from Island to Marine Park, Port Blair. The Place provides an eye-catching picturesque view all around the Island.

Before 1941, while British Rules, the Island was the Head quarter of British Colony in Andaman and Nicobar and was improved with advance facilities such as clubs, dance hall, swimming pools, lovely gardens and so on. After seen the island, you can understand that why British made Ross Island their Headquarter. But after an earthquake in 1941, the Island had destroyed badly. In late 1941, Japanese rehabilitated it into the POW camp, and made war zone till 1945. Today the Ross Island is controlled by Indian Navy.

Ross Island

North Bay Island

North Bay Island is most famous Island of Port Blair. This is the best place for relax and enjoy and provides such options like Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Sea Walk etc.

How to Reach on the Ross Island

By Air: To reach Port Blair, you can get Indian Airline and Jet Airways from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair.

By Ship: Regular Passenger ship is also available on the regular interval from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair.

To reach from Port Blair to Island, one can use of ferry by paying just 100 Rs per Head. Ferries runs from 7 am to 3pm all days.

Best time

In the Month October to April is the best time to Visit Ross Island.

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