Cellular Jail (Kala Pani ki Saja)

The Cellular Jail (Known as Kala Pani or Black Water Jail) is situated at Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Island, India. Kala Pani Word derives from Sanskrit “Kal” Means Death or Time and “Pani” means Water. It was most dreadful and grand prison of India created by British government in between 1996 to 1906. The Prison is also famous in India as Kala Pani ki saja because all around the prison (Jail) was sea so that prisoners couldn’t imagine to escape.

The cellular Jail was especially used for those prisoners who ware struggle for Indian Independence. There were numerous famous dissident like Batukeshwar dutt, Veer Savarkar and many more who were fraught for India’s freedom. The Word ‘Celluler’ meaning individual cells for every prisoner. Now It is serving as a historical national monument.

Sellular Jail

Architecture of Cellular jail

The construction of the Prison was completed in ten years from 1896 to 1906. The Jail originally was created with puce-colored brick and the bricks were bought from Burma. Panopticon modal was used by the architecture to create the cellular Jail. The Prison had seven divisions and a tower in the center of division which was used by protector to keep eyes on the prisoner. The cellular jail was biggest jail in the Asia and now it is a popular national Monument.

Kala Pani Ki Saza

Exile to the Cellular Jail, referred to the Hindi as Kala Pani Ki Saza, was very scared word for those who were working against the British government for Independence of the country. The jail is considered as murkiest part of Indian History. After getting Kala Pani Saza, the prisoners were leaved the hope to escape.

The Cellular Jail is one of the dreadful parts of Indian History during British rule.

How to reach

By air and by ship you can reach Port Blair easily. From Chennai and Kolkata you can get Airplane and passenger Ship.

Opening and Closing Time

Timing: 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:15pm (Closed on Monday and Public Holiday)

Ticket 10 Rs for Adult and children over 5 Year.

Light and Sound Show Timing

Hindi Show: 6:00pm and 7:15pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

English Show: Wednesday and Friday at 7:15pm

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