Ascent India Info – Privacy and Policy

Privacy Statement

Ascent India respects your privacy. In general, the visitors can access our website via internet without providing any personal particulars. We do not ask for your personal details at the instance you access this site, so, you can visit the website without telling us who you are. We might need your information at some instance of time such as if you present any query or you need any particular information.

Continuing your access to this website indicates that you accept the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The rules and guidelines that we follow to protect your personal particulars are mentioned in this privacy policy. We can also ask for your personal information it the aim to improve your relationship with Ascent India.

Collection of Personal Particulars

We hereby assure you that the information provided by you through any of the Ascent India valid channels remains safe and secure. We safeguard data retained with us through powerful security algorithms and none of the information can be accessed in any unauthorized way. Limited access rights are granted to internal resources in order to maintain integrity and security parameters.

The information collected via any authorized channels is saved and retained in data files, telephonic recordings, electronic databases and digital archives. Ascent India is liable to protect the privacy of your data and we hereby assure we take all necessary steps to safeguard you personal particulars against any sort of unauthorized or offensive usage, loss, misuse and interference through third party bodies. We also protect the information provided by you from all sorts of modifications and disclosures.

Personal Communication

If for any reason, we need your personal contact information for correspondence purposes, it is vital to get the intended information. Ascent India might share your contact information for the purpose of communicating with you with its communication cell. We give sole authority to the communication cell to contact you via any of the preferred mediums for resolution of queries or for any sort of consultation.

This Privacy Statement tends to alter or modify without any prior notice. Any changes or modifications to this Privacy Policy would immediately post on this page. Ascent India hereby make it more clear that the personal particulars entered by the visitors might be processed and can be shared to valid and authorized departments in accordance to applicable and prescribed laws. For resolution of any kind of queries or consultation purpose, you might contact us at