Kempty Waterfall

Kempty waterfall is legendry in North India located at Mussoorie in Uttrakhand state in India Republic. The waterfall was so eye catching in British period so the British officer of this place specially dedicated to “Tea Part” on special opportunity. Beautiful waterfall is around 4500 ft surrounding the valley of Mussoorie. The spot is becoming most desired destination of tourist due to its natural beauty. The spot is so romantic for married couples and poetic also.

kempty waterfall

Real developer of the waterfall was a British officer John Mekinan in 1835. People believed the name “Kempty” was given for ‘Camp-Tea’ that was tea party spot of British. The waterfall is perennial waterfall so main magic for visitors.

The waterfall is surrounding the high mountains and the water dropping 50 feet height through five cascading falls in downstream. The waterfall is dividing into two parts lower part always so crowed to visitors but upper part is calm compare to lower part. In pools visitors can enjoy refresh him through bathing and boating. These water pools are manmade spot. Near the destination different type of shops available where you can eat sweetest dish of the Uttrakhand state and you can buy.

The beautiful waterfall is located at 15 kms from Mussoories on Yamunotri Road, 14.5 kms from Mussoorie Library Bus Stand and 49 kms from Dehardun.

Best time to visit Kempty Fall specially summer session best months are March to June. Weather creates pleasant environment for tourist.

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