Govardhan Hill (Parvat)

Govardhan is a hill located at Vrindavana town of Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh. It is 8 kilometers long Hill that is considered as blessed place by God Shree Krishna. Govardhan Hill is also recognized as Giriraj Hill. Govardhan parikrama is a 14 miles round walk of the Govardhan Hill and can take around six to seven hours to complete it. Devotees come from all over the country to worship of Goverdhan Parvat by taking Govardhan Parikrama. On the auspicious occasions (Such as Guru Purnima, Govardham Puja and Purusottamamasa), there is more than half million devotee come around the holy Hill or Parvat.

The Name Govardhana derives from two words like “GO” means Cow and “Vardhana” means Nourishment.

Govardhan Hill

As per historical legend, Once Lord Krishna had lift hill on his finger to escape the people of Braj from Heavy rain and flood for seven days and nights. It is said that after looking divine power of lord Krishna, lord Indra had feel very jealous and he decided to show his power by bringing down very heavy rain. Then Lord Krishna lifted Giriraj hill to save people life. After that the day after Dewali, Govardhan Puja is celebrated every year.

In the town of Govardhan hill, there are many famous places to worship like Shri Haridev ji temple, Daan-Ghati temple and Mukharbind shrine. The place is also abode of Manasi-Ganga, A close-ended lake. Guru Poornima (Also called Mudia poono) is the most important day for devotees.

One can stay in this town at night, there are no many hotels but Guest houses and Dharmshalas are available at low cost.

How to reach Govardhan Hill

By Air Way: The nearest airport of Govardhan is Indra Gandhi International Airport at Delhi. It is around 150 km away from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

By Rail Way: Mathura is nearest railway junction.

By Road Way: It is well connected with Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Other States. By road you can reach here easily.

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