Bankey Bihari Temple

Bankey Bihari Temple is a worship place for Hindu and devoted to Lord Shree Krishna. It is situated near to Tadhavallabh Ji Temple at the holy city Vrindavan in Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh. There are seven temple of Thakur ji including this. Bankey Bihari Temple is the most remarkable place of worship and was built in 1964 with the contribution of Goswamis.

Actually, Bankey Bihari ji was adoration at Nidhivana. BANKEY means ‘Bent in three Places’ BIHARI means ‘Enjoyer’. You can see that in the Bankey Bihari temple, every festival is celebrated in a unique style and different way. The temple decorates with lights and flowers according to festival. In the Bankey Bihari temple, you won’t hear any sound of bells or conch. There is only chant of ‘Radhe Naam’. Once you enter the temple, Dam sure you will feel breath taking environment and forgot every problem.

Bankey Bihari Temple

The Image of Lord Krishna stands in a Tribhanga posture. According to legends, God is emerged in a person with his heavenly consort and leaved a black delightful Image to one of his adorer Swami Haridas. There are two festival celebrated Janmasthami and Holi which is famous in World wide. Mangala-Arti is performed once in a year, on the Janmasthami Festival.

Aarti and Darshan Time

Darshan time in summer: 07::45am to 12:00pm and 05:30 pm to 09:30 pm.

Darshan time in winter: 08:45am to 01:00pm and 04:30 pm to 08:30pm.

Shringar Aarti in summer 8 am and in winter 9am

Rajbhog Aarti in summer 12:00pm and in winter 1:00 pm

Shayam Aaarti in summer 9:30 pm and in winter 8:30pm

Note: Here Summer timing apply after Holi and winter timing apply after Diwali (As per Bankey Bihari Temple time table)

How to Reach Bankey Bihari Temple

By Road: Vrindavan is situated on the NH.2 and from Delhi to Agra bus service is available. By road you can reach easily without any difficulties.

By Train: Neatest railway station is Mathura where many express and passenger trains come in a day.

By Air: Indra Gandhi international airport is the nearest airport situated in Delhi and Domestic airport is available in Agra which is 67 km away from Vrindavan.

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