Nahargarh Fort

Rajasthan is royal state in India Republic and so famous for forts and enrich for heritage. But Nahargarh Fort is one of them that is stand on the edge of world oldest mountain (Aravalli). The marvels fort shows Rajput culture and strength. Nahargarh Fort is along with to beautiful forts Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort. Nahargarh fort built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh ll in 1734 and its original name is Sudarshangarh Fort. After some time its name was changed Nahargarh Fort due to ‘abode of tigers’.

Jantar Mantar

It is believed the fort constructed observed Rathore Princess, Nahar Singh and a beautiful temple also consrtuted in the fort that shows Rajputs were so dedicated to God. The temple is dedicated to deity of Jaipur and the fort follow Indo-European architecture style. There is also another temple is dedicated to Nahar Singh Bhomia. The main feature of fort is ‘Madhavendra Bhawan’. The spot is two storey building built by Sawai Madho Singh and this attractive spot for queens divided in to nine similar parts. “Diwan-A-Aam” was a common palace for everyone where emperor listened problems and solved them.

The fort is virgin to any battle and shows various historical changes in Rajasthan special in Rajput dynasty. This was not protective spot for Rajputs but also Maratha force and British.

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