Junagarh Fort (Bikaner fort)

The fort is situated at Bikaner, Rajasthan in India. The Bikaner Fort is very attractive monument of medieval period, the fort is also known as “Chintamani” and renamed Junagarh or “Old Fort”. Most impressive thing is that it has one of the Forts in Rajasthan which is not built on the hill. The city is developing so fast around the fort.

Junagarh Fort

History about the Fort

The first founder of the fort was Rao Bika (1465-1504 AD) also founder of Bikaner city but in the period of Rao Bike it was constructed as small fortress by the blessing of Goddess “Karni Mata” . But fort was come in real shaped in 1588 by Raja Rai Singh. It believed that the Raja Rai Singh was most trusted general of Emperor Akbar on the designation of Mansabdars. The fort was built under the supervision of Karan Chand.

Inner beauty of the fort

  • Anup Mahal: - the Mahal has great importance in the fort due to its shining walls that have been covered in red and gold color and pillars also decorated to different style.
  • Phool Mahal: - this mahal is so beautiful due to its windows, balconies, kiosks gives very splendid look to fort.
  • Badal Mahal: - this is so famous for paintings and water has its main theme.
  • Fort Museums: - the museum shows very impressive collection that is related to fort and royal families also. The collection is related to illuminated manuscripts, jewellery, carpets, arms and many more things are stored in the museum.

Best time for visit

October to March is best time for an impressive visit and photography is also allowed in the fort.

Some other information:-

Open Time 10AM to 4.30 PM
Entry fee 50 Indian and 300 Foreigners
30 Indian Students and 150 Foreigner Students
Time required for visit 2-3 hrs.

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