Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

The Jaigarh Fort was built by Sawai Jai Singh ll in 1726 and situated on the Cheela Ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) on oldest mountain range of the world (Aravalli). The fort made specially protect the Amber Fort and connect to Amber with subterranean passage. The Jaigarh Fort is similar as like Amber Fort on the basics of architecturally. This is very beautiful fort in Jaipur and it has world largest cannon. According to a legend a treasure was discovered in the fort in 1970s but it was seized by the Rajasthan government.

Jaigarh Fort

Wall of Fort

The wall of the fort is so strong and seemed endless. You will look the well at just 3 kms and the red color on the wall is also look very beautiful. In fort various type of small stairs for climbing up.

World’s Largest Cannon Wheel

The most interesting thing about the Jaigarh Fort is that it is WORLD’S LARGEST CANNON ON WHEELS. The Cannon Wheel is known as Jaivana. Very funny thing is that never used in battle.

Mysterious Water Tank

The tank used for rainwater harvesting, it could stored around 6 million gallons water. According to a rumor when emergency was declared in 1977 president of India (Indira Gandhi), army was send in fort for recover the treasure but nothing were found by army in around 3 months. And many other legend stories are related to it

Lalit Mandir

The spot in fort is summer palace of the king at Jaigarh Fort. This is higher floor and royal bedroom also a very sweet entertainment area for music and dance.

Important Battles

The fort never conquered in any battle and very strongest fort than other for in Jaipur. In Mughal period Aurangzeb defeated his brother and killed him. One interesting thing is only one test-fired world largest cannon.

Nearby Tourist Attractive spots

Numerous visiting spots available near the fort. These spots are Amber fort, Vijay Garh, Aravalli Hills.

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