Amer Fort Is The Beautiful Palace in Jaipur

Amer Fort is located in Amer, a very beautiful town with in area of 4 square kilometers and 11 kilometers from Jaipur. It is situated high on a hill and most famous fort not only in Rajasthan but also in India. Amer was the capital of Raja Man Singh before Jaipur but Jaipur was made official capital of the region in 1727. The fort is situated on around 10 kms away from National Highway No-8 (New Delhi - Jaipur and Bombay). The real name of the fort was Ambikeshware and now it is known as Amber or Amer.

Amer Fort


Amer was a small place built by Meenas, the place was considered to Amba, Mother of Goddess. Who knew as Gatta Rani or Queen of the Pass. The fort was built by Raja Man Singh, the Kachwaha King of Amber. This marvels building fully expended by his descendant Jai Singh. Under the 150 years of Kachwaha Kings very important improvements were done up to 1727 because after that the capital was shifted Jaipur.

Architectural Layout

The beautiful fort is broadly divided in four parts and those has own entry gates but main entry gate is opened in courtyard that is known as Sun Gate or Suraj pol. Eastern face gate respect rise of sun. The ‘Jaleb Chock’ is main courtyard. The Sila Devi temple is increasing attraction of the fort and second courtyard that is so famous for ‘Diwani-i-Aam’ (Public Auidence hall).

Sheesh Mahal

The Sheesh Mahal is truly beautiful spot in the fort. The Mahal is very famous attraction for the bolywood movies as like ‘Mughle-E- Azam’ and main song ”pyaar kiya toh darna kya” was shot in the Sheesh Mahal. Walls of the Mahal have very beautiful painting those are made to pure glass. Main thing is that why Mahal is made by glass?

In ancient time queen was not allowed to sleep open sky and she want to see stars shining so king want to solve the problem and give order to architects make the Sheesh Mahal. The most important thing about the sheesh Mahal is that if you will burn only two candles than reflection will convert into thousands of stars.

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