Wagah Border (Attari border)

Wagah is a town on the International highway between Amritsar, Punjab, India to Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is only road that cross boundary within India and Pakistan. The Border is situated at the distance of 20 miles from Amritsar and 15 miles from Lahore. Attari is the nearby village at the distance of 3 kilometers in India.

Wagah Border

Wagah or Wahga in Pakistan, is a village situated on the main border line, the boundary isolating India and Pakistan from the partition time of India. The Wagah Village (Pakistan) lies 600 meters from the west border line and Attari village (India) lies 500 Meters east from the border line.

Wagah Border Ceremony

Wagah border ceremony happens on the border gate of India and Pakistan. It is highly energetic performance does by Indian Border Security force and Pakistan Rangers. The two hours performance happens in the evening time every day. Around four to five thousand visitors come in this International ceremony that is why Wagah border become very famous all over the world.

Wagah Border Ceremony

One the visiting time in Wagah border, you should remember some things such as mobile phone singles not available due to some security reason, No covered beg allowed here including ladies begs or purses. The Gate is open from 10 to 4 PM and the ceremony starts after 4 PM but you have to reach there before 3 PM.


The Ceremony was conducted in 1959, after consent by Indian and Pakistan Govt. Since Then, Every day the ceremony has been conducted with positively and energetically.

How to Reach

You can come from all corner of the country by using road, train and Airway. Amritsar city is the nearest city, from there you can reach Wagah border easily.

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