Loktak Lake - A Largest fresh Water Lake

Loktak (The Place where Streams end) Lake is one of the largest and fresh water Lake in North-East India, also known as Floating Lake or National Park in the World due to floating phoomdis on it. The Loktak Lake is the most astonishing attraction point of Bishnupur district and is situated in the valley of Imphal and 50 km away from Imphal, capital of Manipur. The Lake is the home of all Rivers that run in the Manipur state. Loktak is the combination of words such as Lok means “Stream” and Tak means “The End”.

The ancient lake is playing main role in the Manipur economy such as Hydropower Generation, irrigation and drinking water supply. The Loktak Lake is the more helpful source for those rural people who are living near the surrounding areas. On around 50 hamlet (Both Urban and rural) and around 120,000 population are living around the Lake.

Loktal Lake and national Park

Loktak is not only famous for Lake but also Sandra Island and Keibul Lamjao Nation Park are another attraction point of Manipur. You can view new experience here about living in such unique condition by local fisher man, who survives to being at Loktak Lake and sundra Island. In this place, visitors especially comes for getting enjoy of boating and Photography.

The Lake itself a home of around 230 kinds of aquatic plants, more than 100 kinds of birds and more than 400 kinds of Animals are living there as well as Indian Python and Sambhar too. Laoktak is the heaven of Birds.

Best Time to Visit Loktak Lake

The climate of Loktak Lake gives pleasant because the temperature of there always be the same like 25 to 35 degree through the year. As we know that Manipur is a hilly area that’s why in the evening you need to take extra protection from cold.

How to reach

By Road you can reach by taking NH 53 which is connected with Imphal. By Air, nearest airport is at Imphal which is 50 km far from Loktak Lake. By Rail, nearest railway station is Dimapur, 210 km far from Imphal. Anyone can get public buses and Taxi from the all ways.

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