Keibul Lamjao National Park - Floating Park, Bishnupur

The Keibul Lamjao National Park is only floating park in the world, is situated in the Bishnupur district of the Manipal State in North-East India. It is spread in the 15 sq mi and an essential part of Loktak Lake. The Park was originally declared as a Sanctuary in 1966 and after that in 1977 it was declared as a National Park. The National Park is the only habitat of Brow antlered deer (also known as Dancing Deer) or Sangai. Kaibul Lamjao National Park is birder’s paradise.

In the Southern shore of Loktak Lake, the park is situated which has been declared a Ramsar Site. Rare and Unique fauna is also in the Park such as marbled cat and Asian golden cat occasionally seen in the park. Other animals similar to Himalayan black bear and Malayan Bear and verities of Fishes and reptiles are also seen in the Park.

The Brow-Antlered Deer is one of the endangered dear in the world. It is only park in India there the brow-antlered Deer and Sangai seen today. Still how many Deer survive in this park, no one knows but last year 204 counted in April Month.

Keibul Lamjao National Park


The Loktak Lake was declared as sanctuary in October 1953, especially to the save sangai Deer. It is the Main Habitat or home of the Deer. Officially the Kaibul Lamjao National Park is declared as Sanctuary in 1966 but after 11 year, in 1977 it was declared as National Park. After making National Park, the govt. was stopped hunting at all.

Dominant Fauna

Keibul Lamjao National Park fauna

Some fauna name which are found in the park such as Sangai, Sambar, Himalayan Black bear, Hare, Tiger, Loin, Elephant, Leopard, Jackal, Panthar, Fishing cat, kinds of deer, Hooded Crane, Black Eagle, green Peafowl, Tortoise, Cobra, Water Cobra, Python and kinds of birds, and many more fauna.

Best time to Visit

The Month of October to April is the best time to visit in Keibul Lamjao National Park.

How to reach Kaibul Lamjao National Park

By Air: Imphal airport is the nearest airport which is around 50 far from National Park. Imphal is well connected with road to there.

By Road: The Kaibul lamjao National park is connected with almost all Major cities. By using public or private transport you can reach here.

By Rail: Rail is not more suitable way for you because the nearest railway station is Dimapur which is more than 200 km away from there.

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