Mysore palace

The Palace of Mysore was created by royal family of Mysore who was the rulers of Mysore and ruled from 1399 to 1950. It is a historical palace in the Mysore, Karnataka. The Palace is situated in the heart of inner region of Mysore.

The city is also known as ‘city of Places’. In the city on around seven Palaces but this palace is big and beautiful than other as well as Mysore palace pass on to the one of the Old fort. The Palace was built by Maharaja Rajarshi his highness Krishnarajesndra Wadiyar IV. After Taj Mahal, It is second most famous tourist magnetism, and has almost Seven million visitors annually.

Mysore Palace

The Palace was raised by the 24 king of Wadiyar dynasty in 1912 and designed by Henry Irwin British Architect. The one of the biggest Palace of the country is also notable as Amba Vilas. In the Palace three storey and is spread a length of 44.19 meters and 47.54 meter in breadth. There are a number of shrines around the Mysure palace. Now this palace has been converted into a museum and is controlled by Department of Archeology.

Best Time to Visit Mysore Palace

You can visit any time of the year but on the National Holyday and Festive days the palace is illuminated with lights in the evening time.

Opening and Closing Time

Open every day, in the morning from 6am to 9 am and in Evening from 3:30 pm to 6:30pm.

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