Magnetic Hill India

Park Your Vehicle in the White Paint Marked Box on the Road, Switch off Engine and Leave it in Neutral.

Magnetic Hill is a Gravity Hill situated at Leh & Ladakh, in Kashmir, India. The Hill is so called to have magnetic power which is strong enough to pull the car uphill and force passing aircraft to amplify their altitude to escape from the magnetic intervention. In Reality, the effect is an optical delusion by the Magnetic Hill. Except Leh Magnetic Hill, in India two more Magnetic hills are situated at Gujarat, one is Near Bhuj (Known as Kalo Dungar – A black Hill) and second at Tulsi Shyam.

Magnetick Hill

Sounds quite unbelievable, if I say you that if you are in rang of Magnetic Hill your vehicle could be moving uphill, with its engine off. Follow the commands on the signage and you will see that your car automatically start moving at the speed till 10 to 20 kmph. If you are thinking that the car moving due to downhill then move your car in the opposite direction and repeat those steps again. It will start moving uphill.

The magnetic Hill is situated in Leh-Kargil-Baltik National highway and is bordered by Sindhu River, approximately 30 km away from Leh. It is located at fourteen thousand feet above sea level. The Sindhu River is flowing from Eastern side of Hill and the River emerges from Tibet and goes to Pakistan.

Due to a Gurudwara nearby magnetic Hill where Guru Nanak Dev was meditated in 15 century and magical Gravity Hill, this place has become most famous visitor destination. Every Year thousands of people come for looking Magnetic hill and Sikh Gurudwara.

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