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Ladakh mean “a land of high passes”, the region that is located in Northern Part of India in Jammu And Kashmir State. The region is sandwiched between Northern India and Karakoram Mountain. To visit in Ladakh will be a great experience for nature lovers. The Main Beauty of the Ladakh are Leh, Drass Valley, Razi Khar, Suru Valley, Kargil, Zangskar, Zangle, Rangdum, Padum, Sani Monastery, Markha Valley, Ladakh Monastery Trek and many more spots available in the region. The Ladakh region shows real beauty of Jammu and Kashmir.

The entire region is always covered with ice, but ice melt in especially during June and July months and these months are so special for visiting in the best part of India. If anyone wants to come in winter session, it will be so difficult experience for visitors.

Most Visiting Spots

Ladakh Spots

Natural Beauty

Ladakh has incomparable beautiful spot in India and we can’t express beauty of the region in words. We can look beauty in tress, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, ice covered mountain, lofted hills and much more eye attractive quality. But today human beings are doing more exploitation for his development. Today natural beauty is decline day by day.


A trip of Kargil will be a great moment of your life that is second largest town of the Ladakh on the bank of Indus River. Most visiting spot are Phokar Hill, Shargole Monastery, Rangdum Monastery, Drass War Memorial and Karste River. These are very fabulous visiting spots in ladakh. The best time for visiting here is month of May to July and the night temperature down negative in every session.

Tso Moriri Lake

The lake is also known as 3 Idiots Lake due to name of 3 Idiots movie. The lake is very attractive spot among the marvels visiting spot in the Ladakh region. The lake is situated on the Changtang plateau in eastern Ladakh and best time of visit to June to September. The lake has great importance due to fresh water lake because water is using for various purpose.

Sunrise and Sunset View

Sunrise and Sunset points are gives nice touch to our body and mind and in Ladakh you can see many sun rise and sunset points. The best spot is Diskit Village near the cold desert on the Shyok Valley and Monastery is on around 350 years old.

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