Kasauli Is Also Known As "hiker’s paradise"

Kasauli is a hill town located at Solan district in Himachal Pradesh state at an altitude of 1927 meters above sea level. The Cantonment was recognized by British Govt. in 1842. According to ancient Hindu book, Kasauli is the place where Lord Hanuman took rest while he came for life restoring herb from the Himalayas.


The Environment of kasauli is very quiet and relaxing that why it is also known as “Hiker’s Paradise”. The temperature of Kasauli is cool all year round, maximum temp. Measure 30 degrees with chilly night between April to June month. In between May to September months, rainy season comes that gives pleasant journey with picturesque scenic. The winter season is so chilly with temperature goes down 4 degree to 19 degree with heavy fog and occasional snowfall.

Kasauli is the most beautiful town with foggy lanes and colonial style buildings. The best time to visit in Kasauli is September to November months. However most of visitors come in summer season.

Attractions Points or Things to Do in Kasauli

Monkey Point:

Monkey Point

Monkey Point is the highest peak of the Kasauli Town. Form the Monkey point, you can see the complete view of beauty of Chandigarh section as well as the River Sutlej (Also known as Satluj River) flowing though the valley. Touriest can also view or visit the snow covered peak of “Choor Chandni” which is top peak of lower Himalaya belt.

Sunset Point and Lover’s Lane:

Sunset and Lover's Lane

The Sunset Point and lover’s lane is most famous and calm place to get enjoy of Sunset, valley, picturesque scenic etc. To reach on the Sunset point, a path is going through the calm and breath-taking sceneries in valley which is known as lover’s Lane.

Mall Road:

Mall Road

Mall Road is the only main place for shopping and eating foods in this small town.

Christ (Anglican) Church:

Christ Church Kasauli

Christ Church is located in the centre of Kasauli town. It was constructed in 1853. It is most famous tourist spot.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji:

Gurudware Nanakji

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji is a religious center and well as first choice for visitors.

Sri Baba Balak Nath Temple:

Baba Bakal nath Temple

Sri Baba Balak Nath temple is most popular temple of lord Shiva. Nearby People belief that if childless couples come and pray to god than definitely they will be blessed with children.

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