Know The Best Places To Visit in DHARAMSHALA

Dharamshala is very gorgeous hill station at Himachal Pradesh state in India Republic. The city is located in Kangra Valley and its altitude is 1475 meters above to sea level. The City is very denies of deodar forests, numerous streams, cool air, attractive snowline and supportive environment for your memorable holidays. The city provides too many peaceful destinations without hustle and bustle. Today the city is dividing in two parts as upper Dharamshala and Lower Dharamshala. In both parts, you will look hills, bungalows, churches, monasteries and cantonment. These places show incredible beauty of the state.


McLeod Ganj

The name was given name after Sir Donald Friell McLeoad. Who were Lieutenant Governor of Punjab and often called little Lhasa at 1770 meters above to sea level. It has a very attractive waterfall, that is known as Bhagsu falls. The most visiting destination is Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) also religious centre Namgyal Monastery positioned next to residence of Dalai Lama.

Dal Lake

Distance between Dharamshala and Dal Lake is 11 kms surrounding the deodar trees. Altitude of the lake is 1775 meters sea level in Kangra district in northern India. September month is very attractive bank on the lake. The lake is spread in around 1 square kilometer and Kali temple located on the bank of Lake.

Kangra Fort

The fort is majestic fort that was residence of one oldest dynasty in the world that was constructed royal family of Kangra around 4 B.C. The fort is related to Hindu Epic and Alexander the great, that is not only fort but also world famous museum, various painting, collection of sculpture, poetry and numerous anthropology items saved.


The city is 40 km away to Dharamshala hill station and also very attractive due to tea plantations. Near the city a very wide gorge available that is called Neughal Khad on the Bundla River. The hill station is in Dhauladhar range and special for pine forests.

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