Himachal Pradesh- The Snow Ladden Region

Himachal Pradesh is a northern state covered with mountains and many beautiful scenic places. The boundaries of the marvellous state meet Punjab in the western region; Jammu & Kashmir to the north; Haryana to the south west region and Uttrakhand to the south- east. Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the eastern part of the state.

The state is well known for its abundant and unique natural beauty. Large number of domestic and international tourists visits this beautiful state all year round. The people are shy but respect other people from all traditions, religions, states and countries. It was established on 25th January 1971. The Capital city of the state is Shimla which is also known for the charming and attractive locations.

Specialties of Himachal Pradesh: -

Points of interest: - Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Chamba, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Kangra, Kasauli, Hamirpur, Parwanoo, Salon, Pragpur, Sirmaur, Taragarh, Una, Silaspur etc....

Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is known as the multicultural and multi-religion state due to presence of vast population with diverse beliefs and values. The state is also considered as multi- lingual because many languages are used by the people residing in the different suburbs. Pahari, Hindi, Dogri, Gojri, Mandeali Kangri, Kinnauri and Mandyali are some of the languages being spoken in the state.

State is widely known for its immense contribution in the arena of handicrafts. Foreigner praises the artisans and bought their masterpieces at a very decent price. Some of the craftsmen are engaged in this beautiful occupation from generations. Shawls, Carpets, leather items, woodwork, metalware are some of the fine craft talents being found in the state. Traditional, religious and ethnic paintings can also be seen in major parts of the state.


Himachal Pradesh is literally known as Snow Ladden region. Based in the northern region of the country, the state is neighboured by Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and Uttrakhand in north, west, southwest and south east respectively. The state has 12 districts and Shimla is the capital city as well as the largest city. Total area covered by Himachal Pradesh is 55,673 square kilometres. Population is recorded as 6,856,509 as per 2011 survey and the literacy rate is 83.78%.

The official languages being spoken by the people of Himachal Pradesh are Hindi and English; while there are many other regional languages. Some of the areas such as Dharamshala receive heavy rainfall while some regions such as Spiti remain cold, yet dry or rainless all year round. Three weather variations are found in the state that includes, winters, summers and rainy season. Snowfall is common in almost all the regions, specially Trans- Himalayan and higher areas.


Likewise most states of India, agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of Himachal Pradesh. The contribution made by agriculture in net state domestic product is over 45%, since it is the main occupation of the people. The state lacks in strong industrial set- ups, due to advanced transport facilities.

Wheat, barley, Maize and Rice are the famous crops being cultivated in different regions of the state. Apart from industries, Hydro Power plant is considered another major source of income as the state is rich in hydro- electric resources.

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