Surajkund International Craft Mela Faridabad, Haryana

Surajkund is an artificial kund (kund mean lake), its broad mean is “Lake of the Sun”. The Kund is built soil surface of the Aravali Mountain and constructed as semicircular form. The spot was built in 10th century by the Tomar dynasty king Suraj Pal. The king was worshipper of God Sun so he built a temple of Sun on the western bank of the Kund.


Surajkund is very ideal spot point for picnic around 10 kms Away from South Delhi. Visitors can get much more enjoy of beautiful gardens, pools and various spots near the Kund.

The craft persons from South East Asia participate in the mela (Fair) and around 400 National and state award distributed by the Govt. in special field. Mela provide beautiful pieces of handmade various think and these things are available in mela on very cheap rate.

Main motto of the mela is that they want to promote traditional Indian Handicraft work not only in India but also in the world.

Celebration time is fixed in 1st to 15th February and main attraction is rich showcase of regional handicraft, traditional and custom of Haryana as well as other states.

Main Objectives of the Mela

  • Promote handicraft work
  • Showcase of Indian culture and ancient India
  • Introduced crafts work and craft persons directly
  • To identify natural resource
  • Way of sustainable Development

  • Informations
  • Informations