Gurgaon- Now known as Gurugram!

Gurgaon, the land once believed to be owned by legendary rulers of Mahabharat’s Pandavas and Kauravas and presented it to their great Guru Dronacharaya as a gratitude for their teachings. From years, Gurgaon is known to be the largest city of Haryana which is now transformed to a corporate city.

The historical city of Gurgaon is now changing its name to Gurugram. Yes Haryana Government has decided to change the name of the city as per people’s demand. The Government has also decided to change the name of the nearest district Mewat to Nuh.


Historical Importance of the City!

THE historical city was also been the part of extensive empire rules over by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs and was later invaded by Babur. With the fall of Mughal Empire in 1803, the city of Gurgaon came under the control of British rulers.

It was also been the part of Punjab until 1966, when Haryana became a different independent State. The success story of the State began to rise when automobile giant Maruti Suzuki India limited setup its manufacturing unit in 1970s and this accelerated the economic growth of the State.

Who Proposed for Namechange?

The proposal to officially rename the multinational city to Gurugram was announced by Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on 12 April 2016. The Chief Minister argued that the decision to change the name must be taken as a first step towards preserving the rich cultural heritage of the great city.

Haryana has been a remarkable center for learning form years, decades and even centuries. The city Gurgaon was known by the name Gurugram in ancient era. It derived its name from Guru Dronacharaya after Pandavas gifted it as Gurudakshina. With the changing trends, the name distorted to Gurgaon. The fact that the city produces a large volume of gur (jaggery) makes it popular as Gurgaon.

Reactions & Suggestions

However, the opposition suggested the administration of Haryana to concentrate on welfare parameters such as the infrastructure, meeting water and electricity demands, tackling major issues such as employment and corruption rather than switching to cosmetic measures.

Some of the major political parties argued that if the name change will put any affect on the economic condition of the State or the people. Will it put any affect on business consignments or corporate sector being run in the city or is it just to impress rest of the country.

Whatever are the intentions of political leaders behind this name changing game, but the fact is ‘Gurgaon or Gurugram’, it will always be popular and known by the name of Gurgaon. Therefore, there is no harm in officially changing it to Gurugram.


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