Damdama Lake (Haryana)

Damdama is a reservoir in Sohna, district of the Haryana state in India. The lake is known as the biggest lake in state of Haryana. Lake is spread over 3,000 acres. It was constructed by the British Government during the British period special for rain water harvesting; lake is in the foothills of world oldest mountain (Aravali hills). The lake has always looked variations in the quantity of water in winter and monsoon season.

Damdama Lake


The lake is in the foothills of Aravali Range, so the topography of the area does not even. Due to moderate climate of here, Visitors can be visited whole year of this beautiful place. But the best time to visit the lake is October to March. The maximum temperature reaches up to 45 degrees to 47 degrees C. during the summer.


Damdama lake has very rich in ecology it is home for the birds and here around 200 species of birds, migratory as well as local birds visit during the summer, monsoon and winter season. Some attractive birds are water fowl, kingfisher, egrets, terns, cormorants etc

Nearby Visiting Spots

Ancient Shiva Temple

Ancient Shiva temple is so famous that was built by the Raja of Bharatpur (Gwalior).Every year a grand occasion celebrates on Shiv Ratri with lots of hustle-Bustle.

Hot Springs

Sohna is so famous for natural hot spring. Its water has strongly sulfurous. According to a legend story, this well was dug by the pandav, Arjun when they were so thirsty.

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