Brahma Sarovar

Brahma Sarovar is holy water tank situated in Thanesar (Kurukshetra), Haryana and dedicated to lord Shiva. According to Hindu Mythology, the Brahma Sarovar was created by the universe Lord Brahma in 11 century AD. The Brahma Sarovar is around 3500 feet long and 1400 broad. The beautiful Sarovar gives a shining look at the time of “Deep Dan” and “Aarti” on the Geeta jayanti occasion around last November and earlier December. Most religious spots are Sarovar (Water tank) and nearby Temples and Gurudwara.


Braham Sarovar

It is a holy place where the Mahabharata war was happened between Corvas or Pandvas, Lord Krishna given speech to arjun etc. every year millions of people comes to take a bath in Brahma Sarovar for removing Sins and cycle of birth-death on the Somvati Amavasya (No-Moon Night that occurs on Monday) occasion. On the Solar Eclipse time, lacs people visited the Sarovar (Lake) to take a dip in the lake as well as another days people comes to take dip and pray for sun God.

A beautiful temple is situated on the Brahma Sarovar. or Lord Shree Krishna Chariot statue is built with mattal.

Temple and Lord Krishna Chariot

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