Dudhsagar Water Falls in Goa

The outstanding Dudhsagar falls is one of the top western ghat on the Mandovi River in the border of Indian state Karnataka or Goa and fourth tallest waterfall in India. Its meaning in Kokani language is “Sea of milk”, the waterfall gets more popularity after shooting “Chennai Express” movie. The falls is locating in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Especially in the monsoon season you can look huge force of water especially in June to September months. Dudhsagar is the most amazing phenomena in the Goa state.

Dudhsagar Water Fall


Legend that a beautiful princess was lived in the forest and she enjoyed bathing in a lake. When did she not complete her bath until a jug of milk to pour on themselves. One day, while she was taking bath, she watched that a handsome prince standing among the tress and looked her. When she looked to him and she was feeling very entanglement and her maids quickly covered her body with dress. So the waterfall shows the virtue and modesty of the princess and many more legend stories behind its history.


Most favorable weather to be experienced between November to March month specially, but if you will visit March to May be warm, humid and uncomfortable. Especially in monsoon season you can see most attractive spots that will be covered to greenery everywhere, during the monsoon four months are accessed to the waterfall might be cut off due to vast quantity of water. The waterfall is such a lovely experience in the raining season.

Dudhsagar spa resort in Goa

Dudhsagar Spa resort, Goa is very magnetic and ideal destination for the natural lover tourist that shows the greenery of Mollem National Park that located in south region of Goa. Spa resorts are not much distance to International Airport and railway station, which are around 50 kms. Surround the wild life Sanctuary. You can find many luxury hotels. Every hotels and resort provide every facility where guest can also choose to relax at their spa.

dudhsagar spa and resort goa

Nearby visiting spots

Surrounding the waterfall you can enjoy many other visiting spots that are Goa Jungle Adventure Tour, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Sahyadri Spice Farm, Mahadeva Temple these spots are very attractive near the most beautiful waterfall.

How to reach

If you want to look the water Fall two better options available.

By Road: Visitors can reach by the road off National Highway Number-4A. Every type of bus service and parking facility are available and also locale bus service available from Ponda the nearest city.

By Rail: the nearest railway station is Kulem that is very attractive station that is around one km away the station.

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