Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus is in Goa state of India republic. The site was under the UNESCO World Heritage site due to attraction in old Goa that was capital of the Goa in period of Portuguese rule. The site is the best example of baroque architecture in India. But Goa has the most famous church among worldwide.

Basilia of Bom Jesus

The foundation stone laid on 24 November 1594 that was constructed by Fr. Alexia De Menezes and completed on 15 May 1605. This is the oldest Churches in India the floor is made to marble stone with very precious stones. In church you can look very beautiful painting and scenes life of St. Francis Xavier. The tomb of St. Francis Xavier was designed by the 17th century and took ten year to complete. When you will look at the tomb very marvels Bom Jesus Basilica Art Gallery that is very attractive feature of beautiful site.

Very beautiful face of the church is built black granite its length is 183 ft, 55 ft breathe and 61 ft height. The main altar is around 54 ft and all these things are made up Mosaico- Corinthain style that is so remarkable style in the world.

The church is very attractive spot for the tourist as well as religious purpose. Many visitors come in the church specially for looking its beauty. This can be a very beautiful tourist destination in your life with more pleasure.

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