Chitrakoot Falls – A Largest Waterfall in India

Chitrakoot falls (known as ‘Niagara falls of India’), is one of the beautiful attraction point of Chhattisgarh and the largest waterfall of India. It is falls at around 100 ft height and upto 230 ft width in main rainy season. The Chitrakoot waterfall is 38 km far from Jagdalpur, in Buster District. The River Indravati flows from Vindhya hill ranges continuously which reason these waterfalls rise. Due to highly dense and lush green forest, the Chitrakoot waterfall looks more attractive and its eye catching scenic pull the tourist in large quantity.

On the Chitrakoot fall, you can see dramatic change in waterfall, in the summer season River water level goes down and in monsoon season the water lever touched with bank of River again. On the Monsoon season, between July to October, the surrounding area of Chitrakoot fall looks so stunning beauty. It is also a center point of Hindu pilgrims who comes here for Hari darshan. If you are nature lover then should be come once in life to view Chitrakoot waterfall.

During the monsoon season you should be taken extra care. Because while walking on the rocks are very high risk due to very slippy.

Chitrakoot Waterfall

How to reach Chitrakoot Waterfall

Jagdalpur is the main and nearby popular city of Chhattisgarh and connected with rest of the state. You should come in Jagdalpur to reach Chitrakoot fall. From the Jagdalpur, easily and frequently buses and taxis are available for waterfall. You can get a private taxi from here too.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit of Chitrakoot waterfall is month of July to October, because on the season of rainy (Monsoon) the waterfall is widens around 150 meters. But if you want to enjoy of calm waterfall then between October to February will be the good time to visit.

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