Bodhi Tree Gaya

Bodh Gaya is famous for Bodhi Tree that is also known as the Bo Tree and Peeple tree was very old sacred fig tree. The spot is very marvels pilgrimage with Mahabodhi Temple complex. The place is related to Gautama Buddha. Bodh Gaya is holy place for the Buddhist religion followers; Gaya is situated on the bank of Neranjana River that is also known as Uruwela.

According to our traditions Buddha was born in 563 BC on auspicious Baisakhi purnima. Childhood name was Siddharatha and he renounced his family in age of 29 in the 534 BC. Because he wants to search of truth to the mediation way, when he was six year old and was so affected to Raga, Dosa, Moha. He sat down beneath the Bodhi tree and vowed not move and get enlightenment, after that Siddharta become Buddha. He was specially concentrated on the mediation 49 days and gets achievements as like God. So Buddha tree is sp famous in the world because it was starting point and birth place of Buddha religion.

Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple

The temple is located 110 kilometers from Patna and the temple is diamond throne. People believed around 290 years after emperor Ashoka visited in Bodh Gaya. He was founder of the Mahabodhi temple but some historians say that the temple was constructed in 1st century by Kushan period. Today this place is very attractive spot for religion purpose.

But on 7 July 2013 a big serial blast took on this place at 5:15 A.M.

Bodhi Day

On December 8 Bodhi Day celebrates for those who follow the Dharma.

According to a legend Emperor Ashoka’s wife Tissarakkha had cut down the tree because she become very jealous because he was spending maximum time under the tree, so Ashoka built a wall around the tree to protect it (tree). The tree was totally destroyed by the king Puspyamitra. Bodh Gaya tree was planted again in 1881 by the British Archaeologist after previous one had died of old age.

Best Time to Visit

The Bodhi tree can be seen throughout the year but the best time for visit October to March.

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