Umananda Devaloi Temple, Assam

The temple is dedicated to God Shiva that is located at the Peacock Island in Brahmaputra River. It was built by the Ahom King Gadadhar Singha (1681-1696). Everyone known the part is very smallest inhabited island in the world but very interesting thing is that if you want to visit in the temple you have to go by boat. The temple built on the Bhasmacala.

Umananda Develoi Temple


Region Bhayananda is very attractive on the basic of legend that when Shiva sprinkled ashes and imparted knowledge to Parvati. People said about the God when Lord Shiva was in Meditation on hillock, when Kamadeva want interrupted his yoga. Lord Shiva break his meditation due to anger Kamadev was burnet and after that its name Bhasmacala.

But according to a new theory it is believed that when Amavasya will come on Monday people can get more bliss to God and the Shiva Chaturdasi is the main festival in the temple that is celebrated annually. The festival is very colorful.


The king Gadahar ordered built a lovely temple for God Shiva so the temple of Umananda was built in 1694 A.D very strong ruler of the time that was related to Ahom Dyansty. The temple was damage due to earthquake but it was reconstructed in 1897.


The temple has made up to rock-cut figure and very skilled masters were Assamese Craftsmen. The temple is made on the basic of Hindu religion and it represents Surya, Ganesh, Shiva and Devi also.

Journey to Temple in Guwahati

Various transport ways are available for visit here as like Airway, Road way and Railways. The nearest station is Guwahati.

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