Kaziranga National Park

The park have initial story for One Horn Indian Rhinoceros that is located in North East India in Assam. The park is an Indian National Park and under the UNESCO World Heritage Site (1985). But one interesting story is that One Horn Rhinoceros is related to Jurassic – era, that is found only in Assam state. This is tourist destination and conservation area, hosting the largest population One Horn Rhinoceros in the world.

The park is speared is on around 430 square kilometer area Two district of Assam are include (Golaghat and Nagaon). The park has three largest herbivores – the Asian Elephant, the Asiatic Water Bufalo and Swamp Deer. It has highest tiger density in the world and a beautiful tiger reserve was decelerated in 2006.

Kaziranga National Parl

Major Wildlife Attraction in Kaziranga Park

The region is world famous for One Horned Indian Rhino but large population of Indian Elephants, Swamp Deer, Hog Deer, Indian Bison, Tiger, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Hog Badger, Capped Langurs, Wild Boar, Monitor Lizards etc.

The park is very attractive spot for the birds so it is called birding paradise. The birds are the Oriental Honey Buzzard, Black – Shouldered Kite, Black Kite, Himalayan Griffon, Grey – Headed fishing Eagle, White Tailed Eagle and many more.

But various type of Migrated birds come in the park near the water body especially during the winter session that’s Northern Shoveller, Red – Crested Pochard, Falcated Duck, Bar – Headed Geese and many more.

Best time to visit

According to session November to April is best time to visit.

Summer: - Special months are March and April because they remain dry. All animals will look around the water source.

Monsoon Session: - May to October months receives heavy rainfall. The time is not better for visit because the Brahmaputra rive affect to flood in the session.

Winter Session: - the best time for visit in the park. Because very pleasant weather in these months.


Safari is the real beauty of Kaziranga National Park that is promoted by the Govt. to attract tourists.

Safari Timing: Morning Jeep Safari: - 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Afternoon Jeep Safari: - 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Elephant Safari: Timing: - 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM

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