Namdapha National Park is located in Arunachal Pradesh and the state is located north – eastern part of India. The reserve region is so famous for Tiger Reserve and largest protection area in India and Eastern Himalaya. India has various richest biodiversity regions but Namdapha is one of them. Arunachal Pradesh received on around 250 CM rainfalls during a year, so vegetations are evergreen and the region located on 27 degree North Latitude, near the Patkai Hills and Indi- china tri – junction. The park is in Changlang district near the Myanmar- India border. This is very incredible part because forests, vegetations’ are virgin that is covered around 1985.2 square kilometers. The reserved part was declared through Government of India in 1983.

Namdapha National Park


The Tiger Reserve was declared in 1983 that was 15th Tiger Project in India. But the region was come in noticed during the Second World War. Firstly Namdapha wildlife sanctuary built in 1972 but after around one dictate after wildlife Sanctuary converted in Tiger Reserve and National park. Today the area is very attractive visiting spot in India.


Wildlife of the National Park is so gorgeous because big cat as like Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and clouded Leopard even Red Pandas available. Some other animals are available in the region too. Because they are only in Himalaya Mountains as like Himalayas Bear, Dholes, Wolves and Asiatic Black Bear. But various type of species are available that are red fox, Eurasian otter, yellow throated marten, otter common palm civet, small Indian civet, Asiatic golden cat and much more species in the park.

The region is also very rich for Botanical purpose around 150 timber species found but some special quality of timber as like Pinus, Merkusi and Abies are found in the region. Blue Vanda and Mishimi Teeta (Medical Purpose) is very richest part in India.

Some Attractive Spots in Namdapha National Park

Maio Museum, Miao Mini Zoo, Raja Jheel, Moti Jheel , Elephant ride, Trekking, Boat Ride, River Crossing etc.

Best Time for visit

October to March is the best time for visit after these months temperature will decrease very fast and we can go there by air, by road and by rail.

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