New Year Celebration Around the World

New Year 2016 is approaching. With this, people around the world are emerged in the colors of celebration. Let’s read about the New Year celebration around the world and see how people start their magnificent first day.

New Zealand

New Zealand has the privilege of celebrating New Year before all other nations. The grand celebration begins with awesome fireworks at the Auckland’s Sky Tower which is the tallest building in the country. Colorful fireworks with magnificent party themes are also organized at major beaches such as Mount Maunganui.


Rooftop firework events take place on the New Year eve as well as midnight in different places around the city such as Yarra River, St Kilda, Richmond and Port Melbourne. Special effect images and structures as well as multimedia countdown are planned outside the malls, food outlets, grocery stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and other major cities.


Japanese people use to begin the New Year in a religious manner. Many of them visit Japanese as well as Buddhist temples and shrines. Adults use to give money and gifts to the kids and grandchildren and this custom is known as ‘Otoshidama’.

North Korea

New Year starts with the great fireworks at Pyongyang in North Korea. Pyongyang refers to ‘peaceful land’ and is the capital of North Korea, located on the Taedong River. The countdown begins and ends to the ringing of Pyongyang Bells and this way the New Year is welcomed in a traditional way.


When the whole of the world starts celebrating the upcoming year on 31st Dec, the New Year eve, China is one nation that celebrates its New Year as per lunar calendar. This upcoming year, the country will be celebrating the big day on 8th February 2016. This will be the beginning of the celebration that takes place for next 16 days and ends on 22nd March 2016.

Happy New Year


Myanmar celebrates New Year in a different, yet unique way where people use to pour water on each other as a cleansing ritual. This is known as Water Festival as is celebrated traditionally as a sign of respect and token of love towards each other. According to the locals, this also brings good wishes and blessings along.


In Nepal, people use to visit Buddhist shrines to begin the New Year celebration. They often visit to the relatives and friends and offer sweets to mark the celebration. Many cultural and traditional events are organized where people from Gurung community including Sherpa, Magar, Temang, Walunggi, etc. participates.

India & Sri Lanka

India welcomes New Year from the core of the heart and different events are organized all over the country. People use to party hard on the eve of the New Year as well as go to temples and shrines on the very first day. Apart from traditional and cultural events, there are ‘Pooja’ and ‘Havans’ organized in different communities as per beliefs.

Other nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Moscow, Russia, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, etc. celebrates New Year after India due to the time zone. Though the modes of celebration in each country are somewhat different, the spirit in which the New Year is celebrated is quite similar.


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