How Karvachauth Festival is Celebrated in India

Karwachauth is one of the major Hindu festivals; it is a ritual of fasting that is done by all the married women’s for long life, prosperity and success of their husbands. This festival is very famous among all Hindu women’s in the northern as well as western parts of the India, majorly in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat as well as UP. This day Karwachauth is for married women and they dedicate this day to their husbands. Usually the woman who keeps this fast are refer as “Saubhagyavati” which shows the happiest and joyful status of a wife. All Hindu married women enjoy the celebration and companionship of their relatives and friends.

Karvachauth is also known for its stupendous belief among all married woman across different part of India. Karwa word means a pot made up clay whereas chauth mean fourth. Karwachauth resembles the 4th day that follows the month of Kartik according to Hindu calendar. Just after the autumn harvest, this festival of Karwachauth is celebrated. On this occasion, parents send plenty of gift items to their married daughter.In general, clothes, jewelry and several other gifts are given to married women from her mother-in-law and mother. All women who keep Karwachauth fast apply mehndi on their hand and once again wear their wedding day outfits.

Karva Chauth

History of Karwachauth Festival

There are various tales associated with Karvachauth, during this occasion the Karwa that is made up of clay are collected and presented to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. This festival ends at the night when the moon arrives. All married women who keeps this fast has to listen to a Karwachauth tale from a senior women before ending their fast. No water or any food items can be consumed without worshipping moon, the fast is only broken on the arrival of full moon and after worshipping the moon, husband of all married women makes them drink water to end their fast.


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