World´s First University Or India´s First University

World First University with Hostel

History of the University

Nalanda was a grand education center not only in India but also in the world special for Buddhist learning in ancient time. It was the first Indian residential university that was founded by the Gupta Dynasty. When university was formed, area of the Gupta Dynasty was parts of present day India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The best location was Magadha (modern day in Bihar) that is today located 95 kilometers southeast of Patna city.

According to Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang Vardhamana Mahavir and Lord Buddha visited Nalanda in the 6th century BC. The learning method inspired by the Vedic culture. The students come in the university across the world but especially in China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

The university was manufactured on around 800 years ago, that was totally residential people believe that around 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students in campus. The whole complex was fully protected around the wall that was manufactured red bricks. Total camps area was around 15,000,000 square meters.

Nalanda Univarsity world's first university in India

Class Room of the University

The study was especially on the Philosophy, religion, Buddhism, scientific thoughts in astronomy, mathematics anatomy and so on subject. In each class room maximum students could be hundreds. Every students follow well discipline with fully teacher’s respects. There were around 8 colleges with tents of class rooms.

Libraries of the University

The library of the university known as Dharma Gunj or Dharmaganja, Library was divided into three buildings- Ratnasagara, Ratnadadhi and Ratnaranjaka. Mostly part of library had nine storeyed building. Library was not only store religious volumes but books were related to every subject that was students study in the university and every point was broadly explained. When university was destroyed library was burned more than three months.

Destruction of Nalanda University

The world first university was destroyed by a Muslim ruler name was Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193.


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