Know About Us (Ascent India Info)

Ascent India is a travel site that is developed to provide exclusive information to the readers about India. It includes all necessary information about the 29 States and 7 Union Territories. The main aim is to inform readers about incredible India, its scenic places, travel destinations, etc. The website also provides information about the weather conditions in all the states of India.

At Ascent India, we believe that India is a place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. We introduce readers with the hidden beauties of the country that encourage them to visit here. The website includes statistics about economy of all the States and Union Territories. Scores of development in all the regions is also provided by following appropriate links.

What We Offer

Through Ascent India website, readers can know the geographical location of any state or scenic destinations and can plan their tour accordingly. Details about the cultural and traditional festivals and different communities can also be gathered from the website. We explore each and every aspect of India to provide thorough knowledge about the existing facts and figures.

Ascent India strives to maintain strong relationship with website’s visitors, so we keep updating the content on regular basis. We also believe in following easy to understand language strategy rather than making it complex. Therefore, website content is available in simple language, so that people from all the cultures, languages and backgrounds can understand it without making efforts.

Our Mission & Vision

Our prime motive is to make India worth exploring by providing 100% exclusive data on all the aspects; be it the economy, the background, the culture, traditions, festivals, geographical area, preferences or developments in the area. Though we aim at escalating the database of new customers, but we also want to retain our regular readers through extensive and comprehensive details.

We do not ask for your personal information while you browse the website, but we may need it at some point of time, in case the readers wish to participate in various events or surveys. The information being retained will only be used for a particular purpose solely with your consent. Ascent India development team positively listens to your queries and suggestions. So feel free to share your views and ideas through any of the mediums provided at ‘Contact Us’ page. Our executives are available for round the clock assistance.